As Christmas and New Year’s eves are just around the corner, everyone is busy making the preparations. Food being one of the most crucial elements in the celebrations, everyone seems to go through a hard time, while deciding on the menu. To make it simpler, we have planned to give you a brief idea about one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world, the Continental cuisine, which you can add to your menu this festive season and make it more authentic.

Before going any further, let us first understand the etymology of the term ‘Continental cuisine’. It is a collective term used to refer cuisines of Europe and other countries of the West. The cuisines of Russia and cuisines, which are not native to regions like Latin America, North America, Southern Africa, Oceania and Asia, also come under Continental cuisine, as the food prepared in these regions are considerably influenced by European culture.

Albeit the menu includes delicacies from a specific pool of countries, yet today, it can be devoured in all the corners of the world. The cuisine has contributed several famous delicacies to the world, like pasta, piazza, several kinds of salads, varied cookies and breads, pastries and much more. Every Western cuisine has a huge variety in itself, but there are some common features, which brings all the cuisines together to be called the grand Continental cuisine.

Among several other food items, meat is an important part of food in the West and is served in comparatively large size. Steaks and cutlets are the common dishes enjoyed by all, which are accompanied by variety of sauces as condiments, seasonings or dips. Apart from Italian food and dishes from the cuisine of Balkans, maize does not find much importance in the rest of the cuisine.


Although, wheat bread is a part and parcel of the Continental food, yet pastas, dumplings, pizzas and rice are also considered as a part of staple food. It should also be noted that cheese and other dairy products are extensively used during cooking and potato is the most common supplement of starch in European diet. Europeans love their meals to be accompanied by wines, and so you should consider getting some good French or Italian wine, while planning the menu. And, also don’t forget about those healthy salads and lip-smacking desserts to be included.
Just like everything else, Europeans exude class, even in the way their dinner is served. They don’t like to mix their food and that’s why dishes are presented in a sequence on the table. If you have to go by the conventional way, the order involves cold, hot & spicy and sweet. In ancient Roman cuisine, sweet and spicy foods were served together, but today it is an uncommon scene. Sweet dishes are only to be served at the end. So, arrange a buffet in the designated sequence for your guests this Christmas or New Year’s Eve and get the privilege of being appreciated.

Many of you will be shocked to know that the primary cutlery used in the European cuisine during Royal era was knife; fork and spoon were introduced much later, i.e. during the 16th century. But, to keep it authentic, you don’t have to serve your guests only with knife. Since, we don’t live in that era anymore; you can use all the modern cutleries according to your convenience.

Now, since you know quite a few things about the Continental cuisine, you can go ahead and make your festive menu, a continental one.

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