Imagine waking up in the morning with the sweet sound of twittering birds, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, their summit glistening with golden sun rays and cool breeze rejuvenating your body and mind resulting in the utmost bliss, this is EON for you. Secluded by the human population surrounded verdurous jungles of rhododendron, chir pine this paradise has become one of the most preferred holiday destination. Apart, there are plenty of amazing reasons why one should choose Eon for a quick jaunt.

Rejuvenating Outdoors

The best thing about the EON resort is its salubrious climate. Settled amidst the virgin mountain beauty and jungle, the resort carries its own essence and beauty. The beautifully built cottages, stunning sceneries of the mountains, lush valleys and blue sky enjoy all this right from the cottage’s balconies. The resort’s premises in itself offers plenty of refreshing strolling pathways. This all comes as a huge relief for all those who are desperately looking for a peaceful and tranquil stay.

Nature’s Painting

Exquisite and isolated the resort gives the travellers ample opportunities to contemplate at nature’s beauty at every step. At the strike of the dawn the orange and soothing sunlight striking the top of the mountains and with a faint brush of the clouds in the sky the whole scenery just makes the body and mind invigorating. The resort is a dream place for all those looking to get some inspiration and peace of mind. It is a must visit for those with a penchant for photography, wildlife and writing.

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Infinite calmness

Serenity and endless tranquillity blended with untouched beauty this is what makes EoN the most preferred resort for a range of vacations. People seeking a peaceful holiday must visit this destination as it is the right place to relish the beauty while attaining the highest calmness. The place also offers you a perfect session to explore your inner-self.

Hear the Soulful Nature’s Sound

The concrete urban jungles have left us devoid of nature’s sound which has the power to shoo away all the tension and rejuvenate both mind and soul. We have reached a threshold where we seldom hear nature’s soothing and different sound. But at EON, there is no dearth of nature’s voices from chirping birds to the sound of wind blowing through the trees, and various other nature’s sound only to be heard at the beautiful luxury resort. An amazing place for vacation book EON and explore the world of surprises.