At a time when Delhi’s air has breached the alarming level, leaving people gasping for pure air. Doctors and experts have been advising all, to escape to a cleaner place where the air is pure and salubrious. Though, there is no dearth of rejuvenating places close to the capital. But, those looking for a pristine escape and premium luxury, Eon Resort’s – Holistic Wellness Centre and Therapeutic Spa, is the perfect place where they should be heading.

Fresh Air and Salubrious Climate

Tucked divinely in the majestic hills of Kumaon in Ranikhet, the resort Essenceofnature is enfolded by Rhododendron, Pine and Himalayan Oaks and lush greenery. Surplus amount of fresh air, rejuvenating ambience and premium luxury at the resort, is what makes it a favourite among the patrons.  The property features the sublime combination of unparalleled luxury and unspoilt nature, nowhere else to find. Luxuriate in both of them and spend unforgettable moments away from the Delhi’s apocalyptic environment.

Spiritually Uplifting Ambience

At EON, get ready to uplift all your inner senses and experiencing the total bliss. The pristine and tranquillity surrounding the resort automatically transfers you at the highest level of composure. The resort is divinely isolated, equipped with all the state-of-the-art facilities for an incredible sojourn. Not only the outdoor setting but inside the resort, guests will feel in a state of contentment and calmness. Rekindle and devour some of the amazing moments in the luxury-laden retreat.


Holistic Rejuvenation and Supreme Harmony

At the resort, our professionals will take care of your complete well-being, physically or mentally at our premium Wellness By Nature – Spa and Therapeutic Centre. Revitalize your body, mind and soul by ancient Indian and Himalayan therapies using endemic herbs. Our team also includes health experts and doctors possessing decades of experience in the field. A quintessential place to practice yoga and indulge in Ayurvedic therapies.

Culinary Divinity

When we say holistic well-being, it also includes food. Without a wholesome nutritious diet, devoid of chemicals it is nearly impossible to achieve the holistic bliss. That is why at EON, we cultivate and grow our own vegetables in an organic method. The dairy products available at the resort are free from chemicals, playing an imperative role in enhancing the complete well-being. The food is not only healthy but we also make it scrumptious catering to all our guest needs. The menu is vast with traditional Indian and global cuisines.

Nature’s Healing

At EON nature heals you. Cool glacial breeze, chirping bird sound, meandering rivulets and mesmerizing panoramic views in itself is the perfect medicine.  The entire landscape is laden with astounding beauty. With almost zero traffic and city’s hustle bustle, the place is a must visit for all the pace seeker souls. Looking forward to your esteemed company.