Nestled in the mountains surrounded by the rejuvenating flora EON is a must visit destination for avid birdwatcher. The resort is a perfect place for those wanting to spot some of the elusive and exquisite bird species. Around the resort, one could spot various feathered species perfect for a snapshot. So for all those bird lovers, EON is the place to spot a range of spectacular beaked friends. Below is the list of bird species bird lovers could witness.

Red Billed Blue Magpie

Red Billed Blue Magpie
The beautiful vivid bird is known for its sharp blue colour in the lower part and dark black around the neck, long tail and blue beak. The exquisite bird species are seen in abundance around the resort during.


Himalayan Bulbul
The Himalayan bulbul also known as the white-cheeked bulbul, is a bird belonging to the songbird of the bulbul family. The bulbul is about 18cm in length, wingspan 25.5-25cm and average weight of 30 gm. The bird’s throat, head, and crest are black and white in colour. The singing of the bird resembles a four piece whistle. Male and female have different plumage.


Kalij Pheasant: – Founded mostly on the Himalayan foothills, the bird closely resembles a hen. It is a colourful bird found in the jungles surrounding the EON hills. Males and females differ in heights. It is a very elusive bird and quickly evades any encounter.

green bee eater

Green Bee-Eater
The bird is distinctive for its rich green colour and slender body. The bird is about nine inch and tail measuring to 2 inches. The whole plumage is green with a slight blue tint spotted on the throat and chin area.

Green woood pecker

Great Slaty Woodpecker
A friendly bird species can be spotted around the EON resort making a strange and yet recognizable sound of the beak continuously hitting the wood. The bird can be easily detectable with its entirely dark grey or blackish slate-gray overlaid plumage. It is the most founded woodpecker species alive today.


The bird is mostly spotted along the shingle river banks and could be easily identified with the distinctive features. The fully grown bird bears a white belly, a crimson, long down curved, a black face and black breast band. A photogenic bird can be easily found while hiking to the nearest river bed at the EON.


Rail Bird
The Railbird or Rallidae belongs to a diverse family of birds which includes crakes, coots, and gallinules. These colourful bird species are hunted for their meat and eggs. The bird habitat is also close to the river bed and is easily spotted.


Black Headed Jay
The bird a native of Himalayas is founded in and around the EON resort. Characterized by its black top head and a long tail with a slender body. The bird is found in abundance around the resort. It is easily spotted due to its voice which is long screech but with a long gap in between.