The month of October or autumn season in Himalaya is the most beautiful thing to cherish when the sky is clear and the breeze is cool. People have this perception that the mountains are only for snow. But this is certainly far from being the truth. So, for those wanting to experience the exuberant autumn and wanted to see the zillions colors donning the mountain valleys, then Essence of Nature is the best place to make yourself feel fresh and rejuvenating.

Experience Amazing Romantic Moments

The autumn season brings out the best when it comes to romance. The flowering rhododendron trees, colourful vegetation, and clear azure sky all pave the way for an incredible romantic stay. Lovebirds can gaze at the faraway mountain summits and colorfully adorned valleys right from the balconies of their cottages. Every moment spent there will surely be remembered for a long time.

For Colourful Trekking Experience

Trekking during the month of October when autumn season is at its peak is not the only feast for eyes but also for the soul. Nature paints the landscape and flora with its vivid painting brush. Trees leave goes pale yellow to all sorts of colours. Grass slowly started to fade its green colour leaving turning itself into pale yellow and earthy tone. At EON patrons could relish the nature’s extravaganza with their family and relatives.

Great Time For Rejuvenation

A trip to mountains at any month of the year surely invigorates the mind, body and soul of every individual. But during the autumn the zest reaches to its ultimate threshold. Travellers not only get to see the soaring summit, guzzling rivulets but also nature’s colourful canvas. The sight is exceptional. One can smell the fragrance of falling leaves, warm sunlight and colourful perfect for reaching the point of satisfaction.

Local Kumaoni Festivals


Image credit: euttaranchal

The advent October brings a plethora of festival to celebrate. From Diwali to Bhai Dooj and all sorts of festival adorns the month. But during your visit to EON you will get a chance to experience various local festivals mostly dedicated to several Hindu god and goddess. Fairs are also organized and this gives a wonderful chance to the travelers to experience the rich culture and heritage of the region.

Ultimate Harmony

Wellness by Nature

At the resort, our professionals will take care of your complete well-being, physically or mentally at our premium Wellness By Nature – Spa and Therapeutic Centre. Revitalize your body, mind and soul by ancient Indian and Himalayan therapies using endemic herbs. Our team also includes health experts and doctors possessing decades of experience in the field. A quintessential place to practice yoga and indulge in Ayurvedic therapies.


The season also gives wonderful chance to get the sight of several elusive Himalayan wildlife and bird. From the first batch of migratory birds arriving to rarely visible species of antelopes, Himalayan bear or several bird species. Photographers, wildlife enthusiast, and bird lovers will find EON the ideal place to enjoy your autumn getaway.